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This website is about a passion - my passion...
...for church renewal.

Welcome (or welcome back) to my website. It is finally reconstructed and has several new features, including a new set of pages on a Mission–Centered Pastoral Search. If you are just curious about how Specialized Interim Ministry [SIM] works, please contact me by puling down the “ Pastor Wayne” tab at the top right and left–clicking the “contact me” link. (Or just tap the links in the last sentence.)

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I am now serving the Apache Reformed Church, Apache, OK part-time. I am still available for conslutancy and other work. To my profiles tap on the following links:

Specialized Interim Ministry
Called (permanent) Pastor and Church Redeveloper Pastor positions (References available upon request)

At the beginning of the 21st Century, church surveys indicate that more than 80% of the churches are plateaued or declining. That is they are aging or declining. We are well on our way to a European religious culture: empty church buildings and an irreligious society.

Our God deserves better and has given us power to do better.

There are many paths to renewal:

  • Specialized Interim Ministry (SIM and SIM/R)
  • Church Planting
  • Turn-Around Pastors
  • Accountability among churches and Pastors for vision and mission

All of these drive us one direction – moving the church away from serving “us” and back to serving Jesus for the sake of outsiders, and outsiders in the name of Jesus. The Lord of Heaven and Earth who gave up heaven to incarnate his love in flesh and bone to live, die and rise for us, calls us to incarnate that same love through our flesh and bone in churches that speak the Word of God in words (and actions) that the people around us understand.

This website contains resources for everyone interested in renewal. Feel free to use whatever you can find her to bring renewal into the kingdom. The Resource tab at the top right of the page is a good place to begin. If you have any resources you would like to share freely with others, I will place them on a resource page citing you as the source.

The other tabs will tell you about SIM unLimited and resources I can provide you in your quest for renewal.

I have moved to Fort Worth, Texas and am available for interim ministry across the country. If you find you need interim ministry and cannot afford a full–time interim minister please contact me. Together we can work out a plan where I will consult with you, at considerable savings, and guide you through a self-directed interim process.

My logo (above my picture) incorporates the essence of SIM unLimited. Click on it to learn more.