The Befriending and Inviting Course

Surveys show that most people who don't attend church in America would be open to it if a friend invited them. On the other hand, similar surveys show that after 2 years new Christians lose track of their friends outside of church, centering their social live in the local congregation. For “life-lone&rdqou; Christians the outlook is often even bleaker. As the get older and spend more and more time in church many such Christians haven't a clear idea of how to Befriend (let alone Invite) someone outside the church.

In response, my wife, Mary, and I designed the “Befriending and Inviting Course” In six sessions this course lays the ground-work how to meet and befriend someone – truly and sincerely – and further, how to invite them to a church function when your friendship progresses to that point.

The class also seeks to raise an awareness of how a newcomer would feel in a crowd of strangers (i.e. church people) once they are invited.

Class members are teamed up with each other as “buddies” (accountability partners) to encourage and support each other. Each session includes practices to be completed between sessions. I can either come to your church to lead the class or can train a member of your church and coach them in the process.

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