Are Our Facilities Adequate?

Seeing your church property through new eyes.


We all live in “normal”. That is, over time we grow used to whatever we have. We live with and find ways to work around quirks and inadequacies of our facilities. These become invisible to us.

However, to a stranger, the quirks can cause confusion and the inadequacy in their eyes may reflect on the Good News we bring. I have seen the following:

  • An education wing devoid of strike plates for the doors. (As a cost- cutting measure the church decided to put them on after construction. 15 years later they were still missing.)
  • A church parking lot leading to a fellowship hall 1 story down from the Worship area with no signs showing how to get into the fellowship hall or from there into the Worship area. (The Worship area had, in fact, no access even on the uphill side without climbing at least 10 stairs.)
  • A church without a nursery (despite wanting to attract families with childern), without air-conditioning (despite sweltering summers), and with exposed wires in a hall way; a church with a $10,000 donation in the bank which they were saving “until they had a need”
  • A congregation holding some of the Children’s Sunday School classes in various stairways because, “we’ve always done it that way.”
  • A church with a room fully dedicated to one meeting that happened once a month for 2 hours and was completely unused otherwise.

All of these ways of serving God seemed “normal” to these churches. Now maybe your church is not as “normal” as others. How will you know? Or maybe you sense that your facilities may not be meeting the needs of God’s mission for your church, but don’t know how to prioritize the changes needed.

You need a facility analysis. Visiting over a weekend I can help you see your facility as a visitor would. Together we will inspect your entire church property, take pictures, discuss the various uses of each part and discuss options for your congregation given your size, mission and finances. Within a month I will produce for you a full report detailing my recommendations for any of the following areas you request:

  • Signage: Could strangers find their way around in your facility?
  • Safety: Are there hazards to your members and guests that need addressed?
  • Adequacy: Given your mission and vision, do your facilities provide enough space and the right sorts of space to accomplish God’s purposes?
  • Technical improvements: What would be the best next moves to improve the lighting, sound system, hearing assistance, internet and video capabilities of your facility.
  • Maintenance: Are the facilities being adequately cleaned and repaired?
If requested I can develop a general estimate of costs for each of the recommendations. I am not a contractor and would develop these estimates based on contacts I would make in your general area.