How does coaching work?

You discover and set the agenda with your coach.
Before coaching gets started you and your coach will explore what you want to focus on in the coaching sessions. This may be very straight forward, or your coach may need to ask you questions that will help you discern your needs. Either way, you will set the purpose of the coaching realtionship. You are in control.

You initiate the meetings
Some coaches get to talk to you in person. Others use phone or skype conversations. Either way, you remain responsible for the meeting. If you are meeting using technology, you will initiate the call. If meeting in person, you will be expected to keep the calendar for the meeting yourself. This gives you the vital investment and (ownership) you will need in order to succeed.

Your coach will explore your needs through questions.
Coaches ask questions… good questions… the kind of questions that push us out of our usual ways of thinking. It's not that your coach will know more than you. Your coach may know much less than you in your field of study. Your coach does know how to get at that knowledge you already have.

Much of the time you already have the resources you need in order to succeed, or you can figure out where to get them. The big problem is that you do not realize this on your own. Most of us do not give the concerted attention needed to clearly work out the behaviors we need to adopt to succeed. Sometimes we are just someone to ask the right questions. Your coach will do this.

Your coach may add to your resources.
There will be times when you need added resources. Changing behaviors can be difficult, and if you want ot succeed at something you are not now accomplishing, you will need to change your behavior. Your coach will know how to direct you in this vital area, if you need such direction. The choice to ask for such advice is up to you. No coach will impose his or her opinion.

You will develop a plan with your coach and move forward.
Coaching without a plan is just to people shooting the breeze. Toward the end of every meeting your coach will draw you to set specific, measurable goals for the next period of time (until the next coaching session). These specific goals will help you take steps forward in your quest for success and will form the basis for the begining of the next coaching session.

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