The Interim Ministry Team

Placing the Congregation at the center of the Journey

It can be very tempting to leave all the details of an On-site Interim to your Interim Minister. “After all,” you might think, “the Interim Minister is the expert.” And there you would be wrong. Your Interim Minister knows a lot about churches and how God designed them to grow. Your members are the experts on your Congregation.

Therefore, it is vital that we gather a group of people to come beside your Interim Minister to make crucial decisions on how and when to walk the Congregation through certain stages of your Interim Time. This “Interim Ministry Team” [IMT] needs to consist of key members from various parts of the Congregation and ministry programs. They need not be members of the leadership board (Consistory, Council, Session, Deacon Board, etc.). They do need to be trusted members of the congregation.

The leadership board can function as the IMT. If it does, it will meet separately as the IMT so that sufficient time can be given to both the issues of supervising the church and overseeing the Interim Ministry process. Whether your Interim Ministry time consists of a Mission Study, recovery from Tragedy or Abuse, or an NCD-centered Interim Ministry, the IMT will play a crucial role in your church's success.

While many Interim Ministers may not request that you form an IMT, I require it for all Interim Ministry contracts. (For an NCD-centered Interim Ministry the IMT is called a “Church Health Team” and has further specific requirements for membership.)

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