Coaches can help Leaders Lead Better

As leaders we all want to move our churches or organizations forward. Maintenance leads to stagnation and decay. (Just ask the buggy-whip manufacturing association.) The world won't stand still, and neither can we.

However, despite our best intentions, many things get in our way.

  • The “urgent” drowns out the important things of our lives.
  • When life is easy, our attention drifts from moving forward to simply standing still.
  • Even when we focus we don’t seem to make progress because we don’t grasp that next step” to move our dreams forward.

Years pass and we realize that we never achieved the things we believed that God was calling and had gifted us to achieve.

Leaders often need help keeping the vital focus that keeps us on track. Your coach will help you achieve that vital focus. Together you will accomplish the following:

Define your important goals in practical, achiveable terms. If you don’t know where you are going, you can’t get there. Even if you know where you want to go (“Turn my plateaued church into a growing church”) you may not have defined the goal clearly enough to take action on it. Your coach will guide you to define these things more clearly.

Identify your barriers. What is holding you back? Sometimes it isn“t even a leadership issue. If you struggle with problems in your personal life you cannot focus clearly on your leadership goals. If you have leadership behaviors that make you less effective these need to change. Perhaps you don“ really own these goals, and you need to set new ones. Once you and your coach identify your barriers, develop a plan to overcome them and work that plan together, you will find your leadership potential released.

Keeping on track and adjusting goals and strategies. Since you will meet with your coach on a regular basis you will be able to hold yourself accountable to your living out the call of God on your life. In addition, you will recognize early when a particular strategy isn“t working and be able to make adjustments. And, since the world will not stand still, your goals may need adjustment from time to time. Your coach will help you do all of these things.

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