Mission Alignment
Are we still on the right path?

Every congregation is founded by people with a clear understanding of what God wants them to accomplish for him. Over years several things diminish that clarity:

  • Succeeding generations forget the vision
  • Fads in ministry and programs overshadow the vision
  • Times change and ministry that used to work doesn’t achieve the vision anymore
  • The original vision no longer fits a changed congregation and/or community

Whatever the cause, when ministry no longer targets the mission God gave your church, then the church fails to give its best to God. As has often been said:

If you aim at nothing, you are sure to hit it.

Together we can examine the various ministries of your congregation and how they reflect God’s mission for your church, or fail to reflect it. We will use:

  • A copy of your mission statement
  • A survey of leaders and key congregation members regarding the mission of the church
  • Your current budget and last year’s expenditures
  • A review of current programs and staff

Based on this we will engage your leader and key congregation members in a discussion of how each of these reflect God’s will for your church and any changes that might lead your ministry to more clearly and effectively reflect God’s will. Afterwards I will summarize our discussions an present the report for review and comment by your leaders. Afterwards I will produce a final report for your use.


  • $400 for the analysis and report (plus any necessary travel costs)

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