Mission Opportunity Analysis:
Your Church's Outreach Potential

God has placed every church where it is so that it may transform those around them with the Good News of Jesus. If your church does this there are new Christians being developed by you, new followers of Jesus who are growing more and more to reflect him in their lives. If you do not see this happening, then what can you do to change this?

Mission Opportunity Analysis asks, “Who are the people God is calling this church to transform into disciples of Jesus?” It begins from several basic assumptions:

  1. God designed your church to effectively disciple people in your area.
  2. That design can be detected in the gifts, experiences, opportunities and passions of the members Christ has given you.
  3. By matching God's design and comparing it with the needs of those around us we can target our mission for God to those people he has called us to disciple.

Mission Opportunity Analysis will provide you with the insight to revitalize your mission to your community.

A typical Mission Opportunity Analysis includes an assessment of your congregation&146;s design and an analysis of the needs of various groups in your community.

Many different gift-assessment tools exist. However, a congregation’s design cannot be reduced to merely their gifts. Passion, experience and opportunities come to bear on the process. A campaign to assess your congregation’s design may take as little as 6 weeks, depending on the size of your congregation. Developing ways for congregation members to express these gifts in significant ministry may take longer and may include evaluating current ministry to see if it fits the gifts of your members. Sometimes people remain inactive in ministry because the ministries the church invites them into do not match their personal design, nor the design of the congregation.

Likewise there are many tools available from various groups to assess the needs of your congregation. However, if these cannot tell you which of these various groups God has positioned your church to disciple. You need more than statistics. You need conversation and reflection on the match between God's design for the congregation and the place God has located you.

Depending on the size of your congregation I can coach a team of your members through the process, pointing them to resources that fit your congregation. I can also lead such a team, on-site, partnering with your pastor and leadership to bring a high-quality assessment of the fit of your Mission with your congregation’s design and your community’s needs. Your Mission Opportunity Analysis will be custom-made and the costs will be determined accordingly.

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