The Advantage of Having an NCD Coach

A better process yields better results

The Natural Church Development process can be done by a church, without outside assistance. There are definite advantages to seeking the help of a licensed NCD Coach. As the the NCD coaching website, Coachnet notes:

“A study was done comparing churches that worked with coaches through the NCD process with those that didn’t have a coach. Of the churches that received coaching, average health scores went up 10 points, compared to 5 points for those that did not. Average attendance went up 34% at those churches with coaching, compared to 7% without.”

Coachnet lists several other advantages. A coach will:

  • provide a supportive relationship with an objective perspective
  • help design the growth process for an individual church
  • guide you through the diagnosis stage
  • brainstorm strategies
  • prioritize and plan a course of action
  • assess how it’s going
  • provide accountability and as-needed resources
  • celebrate your progress

Coachnet also provides this helpful document “Do we really need a coach?”

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