Socorro, TX
1/2010 – 7/2010

  • I took this Sabbatical as a result of my last two interim ministry contracts. I found that I needed more training in dealing with ambivalence to change and conflict-charged situations. I have redesigned my interim ministry to include elements which I believe will better address the needs of the churches I serve.
  • Spanish-language development through Rosettastone software study and public practice
  • Appreciative Inquiry training – a positive, vision-based ministry development method
  • Motivational Interviewing training – a process of assisting people/groups ambivalent to change to find self-motivated reasons to move forward
  • Church Consultant training – developing methods for assisting churches that cannot or do not desire to have a full-time interim minister
  • Natural Church Development basic and advanced retraining – updating knowledge and practice of assisting churches to become healthier and more effective
  • Reflecting on my weekly visits to Juarez, Mexico during its tragic drug-war (along with my earlier experiences in urban drug-gang territories in US inner-cities) I developed a “Theology of Risk in the Face of Violence”
  • Motorcycle training – renewing my love of riding motorcycle as a method of personal stress-relief and renewal
  • Developed a paradigm for SIM ministry to include Church Revitalization, which I call SIM/R