Coaching Ministry Teams

How effective was your ministry team last year? Did they achieve measurable goals which effectively brought the grace of Jesus to those around them? Sadly, for many church teams, (committees, commissions, taskforces, etc.) the answer is no… month after month, year after year, no.

Your people want to serve Jesus, want to see great things happen. Often they don’t know how. They need coaching.

But that’s the pastor’s job. This is true if…

  1. Your pastor has been trained as a coach…
  2. and

  3. Your pastor has plenty of extra time…
  4. and

  5. Your pastor has influence with and the respect of all of your team members.

No matter how wonderful you pastor is, if any of these qualities and abilities is lacking, expecting your pastor to effectively change the behaviors of your teams is unrealistic.

Over a 6 month period I can coach your teams into effective behaviors and habits that you can perpetuate for years to come. These critical behaviors will include clarity about you mission, affirming accountability for completing tasks, conflict resolution & reconciliation, visionary/strategic planning and implementation.

Why wait for another year to pass without accomplishing what Jesus wants you to?

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