Finding the Future in a weekend

It is always best to take your time to discern God’s will for your church. Sometimes that is not an option. If time is of the essence, then consider going on a VisionQuest. VisionQuest is a weekend retreat where key leaders and congregation members seek to understand God’s design for your church. Together you will explore your church’s

  • Heritage and History
  • Strengths and Gifts
  • Opportunities for Outreach

Out of this, your participants will formulate a vision of God’s will for your future, a plan of action for the future and (if desired) a profile of the sort of pastor who would be most effective in leading you into that future – the gifts, training and experience necessary.

VisionQuest depends on preparation by your church and myself as your facilitator before the retreat. Your participants (and perhaps the whole congregation) will fill out a survey on their experience of the last 10 years of your church’s ministry and may undertake a gift-discovery program. From the results of these and basic information about your attendance, congregational make-up, and the community you serve I will design an 8-hour retreat. This can happen on-site, off-site, over several evenings/mornings or on single day.

Within a month of the event you will receive a written report of the VisionQuest summarizing what you learned along with observations of my own and a list programs or activities which you might find useful in achieving God’s goals for your church. Your leadership team will have an opportunity to comment on report and discuss it with me. Afterwards I will produce a final report for your use.