RCA SIM Brochures

These brochures will provide you with brief overviews of SIM ministry and how it can help you in your situation. These have been written espeically for churches in the Reformed Church in America and still will be useful to anyone considering SIM ministry.

SIMs: Trained to Lead Churches in Renewal
What is SIM Ministry and why is it important to the RCA Vision?

SIM Ministry for the Healthy Church
How SIM ministry can help strong churches remain strong and become stronger

SIM Ministry after a Successful Pastor
After a long, successful pastor leaves a church it often experience conflict or decline.
Find out how SIM Ministry was created to prevent this and insure continued strong ministry.

SIM Ministry for the Church in Decline
If your church has experienced declining attendance a SIM can help you turn things around.

SIM Ministry after Pastoral Abuse
After pastoral abuse a church needs the healing hand of an "After Pastor".

SIM Ministry for the Church in Conflict
Conflict destroys the mission of the church and defaces the image of Christ to the world.
Learn how a SIM can return you to harmony.