Is It Time to Plant a Church?

The signs of preparedness.

  Many churches never consider the idea that their congregation could plant a church. However if your congregation is actively considering this possibility, there are objective and subjective signs that you are ready.

Objectively, your church is healthy enough. Churches which are using Natural Church Development [NCD] as their method of church health improvement show that a church with an average NCD Quality Characteristic score of 60 is ready and able to plant a church. Not every one of the 8 Quality Characteristics needs to be at or above 60. Only the NCD overall score needs to be 60.

Notice I have not mentioned a church size. Any NCD church with an overall score of 60, regardless of the size, can consider itself healthy enough to plant a church.

Subjectively, things get a little more complicated. If you are not an NCD church or even if you are, you may want to consider these questions:

  1. Do we leaders of the congregation have a passion to see more people become apprentices (disciples) of Jesus?
  2. Have we instilled in our congregation a passion to see more people become apprentices of Jesus?
No other questions matter. If you and your congregation have the passions to draw people into life with Jesus, and you are educated on the advantages of planting a congregation for your congregation, God’s kingdom and, of course, those you will reach all the other questions will be worked out. The model for the new church, the finances, finding the church planter, facilities, etc. – all of these will be worked out prayerfully when a church and its leaders have the heart and knowledge to plant a church.