Where I have served

I have available a pdf copy of my RCA Specialized Interim Minister's Profile form

I am open to a called (permanent) position with a church seeking contemporary, alternative, or post-modern worship and ministry to unchurched groups. You may download a copy of my RCA Minister's Profile Form.

I also have other non-pastoral ministry experience you may want to consider.

Sabbatical for Retraining and Reflection in a multi-lingual city in the largest international metropolitan area in North America attending a Spanish-speaking church, visiting Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and traveling across the West/Mid-West region to attend multiple training seminars including:

  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Church Consultant Training
  • REACH (Reaching Every Available Community Household)
  • Natural Church Development Coaching advanced training
  • Interim Ministry Network Annual Conference

In addition I studied:

  • Generations 4 Churches
  • Change Agency
  • Personality-Based Leadership
  • Church Revitalizaton/Planting models

Socorro, TX
1/2010 – 10/2010

Specialized Interim Senior Minister in a small aging congregation dependent on depleting endowments and with a history of conflict and both destructively aggressive and destructively passive pastors
Second Reformed Church of Rotterdam, NY
(The Cobblestone Church)

Rotterdam, NY
01/2009 – 12/2009

Specialized Interim Senior Minister in a suburban church which suffered 40% decline in attendance over an 7 year period due to a pastoral mismatch, pastoral abuse and congregational conflict
Teays Valley Presbyterian Church
Scott Depot, WV
4/2007 – 10/2008

Church Consultant to a theologically diverse church in transition in a rural county seat.
United Methodist Church of Ephrata
Ephrata, WA
2/9 – 10/2007

Specialized Interim Minister/Stated Supply in a church which suffered a church split in a rural county seat
First Presbyterian Church
Ephrata, WA
6/2005 – 4/2007

Specialized Interim Minister in declining and depressed rural congregation.
First Presbyterian Church
Othello, WA
3/2004 – 6/2005

Specialized Interim Minister in a divided congregation in a rural village.
Schoharie Reformed Church
Schoharie, NY
10/2002 – 10/2003

Solo Pastor of financially troubled congregation in multi-cultural suburban city
Servants of Christ (Reformed Church in America)
Federal Way, WA
3/2000 – 4/2002

Solo Pastor of a Rural Congregation situated in a college town in a small metropolitan area
Cedar Falls CRC
Cedar Falls, IA
4/1994 – 9/1999

Senior Pastor of a small staff ministry in a white suburban congregation situated in a poor urban, multi-cultural, multi-lingual neighborhood adjoining gang-territory.
Grandville Ave. Christian Reformed Church
Grand Rapids, MI
12/1991 – 9/1993

Associate Pastor in a large, upscale suburban church in a distant, upscale LA suburb
First Christian Reformed Church
Redlands, CA;
9/1988 – 11/1991

Student Intern in a very small, rural congregation in Central Minnesota
Ogilvie Christian Reformed Church
Oglivie, MN
6/1988 – 8/1988

Community Contact / Food Pantry Follow-up for suburban white church in a poor urban African-American neighborhood.
First CRC,
Grand Rapids, MI
9/1985 – 5/1988

Student Intern in a dominantly African-American congregation in gang-territory in South-central LA.
LA Community Church
(Christian Reformed Church)
Los Angeles, CA
6/1985 – 8/1985

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