a free preliminary consulation

No church has money and time to waste. Not least because it all belongs to the Lord. And secondly because the Lord gives us limited tangible resources so that we will rely on his infinite grace.

Therefore, we need to plan how to best use God’s wealth as we map out the road to renewal. Simply grabbing the latest and greatest program or idea off the shelf isn't good enough. As my Dad used to say:

Measure twice. Cut once.

firSTep is your chance to measure before you cut. If you will provide me with basic information about your church (its past and present) and an hour of time on the phone with a group of key leaders, I will provide you with a thumbnail sketch of your congregation’s most important issues and recommendation of your best next actions including costs in time, effort and money and what benefits you can expect from them.

This preliminary consultation comes to you free of costs and without any obligation for future work together.

If you wish to participate in firSTep simply answer the questionnaire at the bottom of this page. I will contact you to set up a convenient time for our phone interview. Within a month of our interview you will receive your comprehensive firSTep report detailing the next steps toward church renewal.

firSTep Survey