Specialized Interim Minister

First Presbyterian Church,
Ephrata, WA;

  • Took the remnants of a church after a schism in which most of the official leadership left and (cooperating with the Presbytery) restored the Session (Consistory), Board of Deacons and ministry teams (committees), reducing anxieties about the past and focusing the congregation and leadership on a hopeful future of ministry.

  • Assisted the congregation, Session and Presbytery to navigate the difficulties of dealing with the schism group existing in the same small town while presenting a strong local leadership presence in the midst of threats of lawsuits

  • Re-established children’s ministry in new forms and helped the church evaluate and revise those forms.

  • Combined the elements of two separate worship services (one traditional and one contemporary) into a blended service addressing the needs of both formerly separate worship groups while utilizing the churches extensive audio/visual capabilities (song projection, PowerPoint illustrated messages, digital accompaniment and recording).

  • Led the congregation to understand the circumstances and personal choices which led to the schism, reducing animosity and encouraging personal, individual reconciliation with those who left.

  • In response to a history of closed, tightly controlled church leadership I established a transparent style of church leadership, dispersing the authority to organize and direct ministry to ministry teams, and establishing the Session as the spiritual and financial overseers of the ministry.

  • Walked the congregation led by the Session through a process of vision-casting including three Town Hall meetings, the Natural Church Development Survey and a weekend retreat leading to a new model of ministry and developing a plan to implement that model, completing and submitting the Congregation Information Form (CIF).

  • Helped the Session develop a ministry plan to begin implementing the vision and mission, and to inculcate the vision and mission into the life and ministry of the church.

  • Encouraged the church to place extensive building fund investments in denominational notes used to build churches, expanding the ministry-value, interest accrual and fund security.