Specialized Interim Minister

First Presbyterian Church,
Othello, WA;

  • Took a declining and depressed congregation, reduced anxiety and brought a new sense of excitement based on a common vision.

  • Empowered lay leadership and assisted them to regain authority from diverse power- brokers and unify the congregation under Session’s (Consistory’s) leadership.

  • Walked the congregation, Session and PNC through a process of reflection and vision-casting, including three Town Hall Meetings and the Natural Church Development Survey, leading to a new model of ministry and developing a plan to implement that model.

  • Led Session through a reorganization process including reestablishing the financial books and proper financial policies, recovering missing minutes, reconstructing membership rolls and training both Deacons and Elders in their offices.

  • Led the PNC and Session through a 5-hour retreat in which the contents of the mission study was completed and summarized and contents of CIF were developed

  • Established 6 new small groups through the 40 Days of Purpose campaign with attendance larger than worship.

  • Came to understand more deeply the need to care for myself and my relationships in the midst of ministry

  • Saw clearly how self-deception can cripple a congregation and ministry, and how the truth sets them free.

  • Learned how effectively trained lay leaders can support a pastor through his own crises.