My Logo

SIM unLtd logo My logo represents a cross intersecting a compass. The Cross of Christ points us to God's "true north".

The Cross tilts because God's mission often points in a direction other than what we expect. As a Specialized Interim Minister I do not come to a church thinking I know where God will lead. Rather, I try to orient myself, and the Church, to Christ and see where he points us. I am usually surprised.

The cross is rotating counter-clockwise because, though the Cross of Christ never changes, the way that Cross points us into mission often does. Here is where SIM ministry can aid a church. SIMs call people to pause and listen to God's direction for today, knowing that he will often lead us on new paths and a new journey.

The Cross and Compass intersect the name of my ministry, "SIM unLTD" (SIM unLimited). The "un" carries a heavy weight of meaning.

  • I am an "unteathered" interim, unlimited to travel "Wherever God Leads" for "Whatever the Church Needs".

  • I am only limited by the "un"s in my life; the things I am not, in my sinful nature. Michael W. Smith's song "Never Been Unloved" explains this well.

  • The "un" stands at the center of the Cross, where all of my "un"s (my sins and brokenness) were nailed. Because of the Power of Christ within me - His Holy Spirit - I am unlimited in what Christ can do in and through me. I have plenty of limits. But by God's unlimited grace I can bring healing and direction to congregations.