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November 2010 - I have now relocated to Fort Worth, Texas. Because of requests I have received I am placing here the only message I have where the PowerPoint and audio have been integrated to give a rough Idea of how I use them. It is an old message from 2007 in Ephrata, WA from my series on "The Twist".

This message is contained in a zip file. When you open the zip file save the whole folder to your computer. You need the whole folder because without it the PowerPoint will not be able to find the audio attachments. Open the folder and double-click the file "06.07.30 Twist 5 Weighty Matters-d3.ppt". If you have PowerPoint he presentation will open. Then "view the slide show". The audio is integrated into the slide show and the images will forward without further prompting.

The Twist on Commandment #5: Weighty Matters

Note: From January 2010- November 2010 I will be on Sabbatical. If I guest preach anywhere I will post that. Otherwise, there's going to be a drought on this page.

For Advent 2009 I preached a series on the Inconvenient Truths of Christmas, that Christmas inconvenienced many people and still inconveniences us for the sake of God's kingdom.

Inconvenient Truths: No Status (Luke 2:1-20)
December 20, 2009
The shepherds, God's very unlikely messengers, meet God, hear the message, and make a decision on their own to seek the child and spread the good news. Why didn't God go directly to the people of Bethlehem?

Inconvenient Truths: No Easy Choices (Matthew 1:18-25 )
December 13, 2009
Joseph, the first person in the Christmas story with a choice to make, chooses God over his own self-interest.

Inconvenient Truths: No Prerequisites (Luke 1:26-38)
December 6, 2009
Mary embraces the inconvenient truth we often forget: There are no prerequisites for serving God except one....

Inconvenient Truths: No Excuses (Luke 1:5-20)
November 29, 2009
Zechariah faces the inconvenient truth that God demands that he believe and calls him to serve him in difficult ways in the face of his age.

Here are two messages revolving around the area of material possessions. The 11/22/2009 message on giving was specifically requested by the Consistory.

Giving (2nd Corinthians 9:9-15)
November 22, 2009
Giving means focusing on people, not money, and finding the joy you feel in living out the circle of giving.

...One More Thing.... (Mark 10:17-27)**
November 15, 2009
What one more thing do you need to give up to follow Jesus? Will you walk away sad or follow him?

**Note: due to a technical glitch you will have to download the November 15 file fully before it will play. If you have tried to play this sermon in the past and found it only 3 minutes long, you will find the full 20 minutes available to be played on your computer's mp3 player.

Fall 2009

I worked through a new series on the levels and depths of love and how this relates to our mission as a church.

October 25 I failed to record the sermon and then went on a two-week vacation.

How Deep Can You God? (part 1) (John 3:1-18 )
October 18, 2009
Following Jesus demands we descend through the 7 levels of intimacy. Often we stay at the level of clichés, facts and opinions, even with God, sometimes even converting the Lord's Prayer into a cliché.
Note: we tried installing the mp3 recorder into the sound system. This caused some distortion and so this message will sound a little fuzzy. My apologies.

Taking It to the Next Level (John 13:1-17, 34-35 )
October 11, 2009
Jesus calls us to live a higher standard of love at a lower station of life. We also need to remember that what happens after the message matters. Passive disobedience is disobedience.

Seeing God in Us and then Seeing God in Them (Genesis 1:26-27; Leviticus 19:18)
October 4, 2009
To love our neighbor we must love our selves - seeing the image of God in us and then seeing it in them. Note: Because of copyright laws I had to clip out the portion of this message where I played the beginning of Toby Keith's "I Want to Talk about Me".

Grow the Depth, Breadth and Reach of God (Matthew 22:35-38; Ephesians 3:14-19)
September 27, 2009
In order to love God fully we strive to grow to embrace the heart of God, embody the soul of God and express the strength of God.

The Four Levels of Love (Matthew 7:18-23; 22:35-39; John 15:12-13)
September 20, 2009
There are four levels of love, one beyond where we, as Christians, often stop. The four levels:

  • Narcissism
  • Selfishness
  • Selflessness
  • Soulfulness


The Summer of 2009 I asked the congregation to suggest topics for my Sunday Messages. These are those topics and messages

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People (Romans 5:1-5; 8:15-18, 28-30, 35-39)
September 13, 2009
Technically the last of my "Summer Series". Why do bad things happen to good people? First of all, there are some fallacies in the question. But after that we can see that, though we cannot understand individual suffering, we can see God at work in the midst of it.

Response-Able (Romans 8:28-30; 1st Corinthians 9:22; 2nd Corinthians 5:20; Jonah (the whole book)
August 30, 2009
Our freedom to respond to God and his predestinating power are not exclusive. God calls us to be responsible for our actions because we are able to respond and he backs up our actions with his sovereign call and power to guarantee our destination (though not necessarily the route taken).

Creation vs. Evolution (Genesis 1)
August 23, 2009
When we look at how to read the Bible we realize that in Genesis 1 God tells us one very important fact -- he created everything and so there is nothing above him. However, he really doesn't answer our questions about creation and evolution.

Whatever Happened to Hell? (Mark 9:43-48; Matthew 25:31-46)
August 16, 2009
We rarely talk about hell anymore, yet everyone (including non- Christians) knows it is in the Bible. What's it about?

The Old Testament God vs. the New Testament God (Psalm 103; the Revelation 19:11-19)
August 9, 2009
Was God really all wrath in the Old Testament and all grace in the New Testament? No. It's just that our society's view of things makes us think that way. This is an old, old idea which is still wrong.

God's Weird Rules (Colossians 2:16-21; Matthew 5:17-20)
August 2, 2009
Why does God have such weird rules in the Old Testament and how do we as Christians relate to these rules?

The Larry Middleton Memorial Service.
Psalm 23 was the theme for this memorial service which has been recorded in whole.

Fasting for Fun and Profit (Matthew 6:16-18)
July 26, 2009
Do we have to fast? What is it all about? God never commands fasting, and yet it is a custom approved by Jesus. It is wisdom meant to transform us, not to manipulate God _________________________________________________________

Messages from my previous churches

Dress Rehearsal for Life - 8:30 am service (Psalm 95)
Dress Rehearsal for Life - 10:30 am service (Psalm 95)
October 12, 2008
Sunday worship is an attitude adjustment meant to lead us to an action adjustment leading to a life fully in obedience to God given out of joy, humility, thankfulness, teachability and availability for service to God.

My present church is going through a transition of ministry. The Elders decided that January 4 the worship times will be changed 1/2 hour (to 9am and 11 am) and that the evening contemporary service will be moved to the 9am service. Anticipating the change for the early worship and some resistance in the later service I preached the same sermon with two different endings. I have put both here for you to hear. As some other preacher noted, "If you want it fresh, come to the early service. If you want it right, come to the late."

Octber 5, 2008
Ok, confession time. I forgot to put the memory chip back in the recorder this week. I have repented and will do better.

What Gap? (Deuteronomy 5:8-10; 6:4-9)
September 28, 2008
The Bible does not talk about "bridging the gap between generations" since it cannot conceive that there would be a gap. That is because God commanded the older generations to mentor the younger. (It generally meant an "adolescence from 12 years old to 30!) We find out how.

September 21, 2008
I was on vacation enjoying my 20th anniversary of ordained service to God and his Church... by not preaching?!

Rock On (Matthew 7:24-27; 16:13-18; Daniel 2:34-35,44-45)
September 14, 2008
The congregation I presently serve has a mission statement calls them to be "a rock in our changing culture". The Bible says that God is the Rock and in reflection of him we provide a refuge and foundation for people's lives and become the rock of Daniel, filling the earth with God's kingdom.

Follow the Leader (Matthew 4:19-22)
September 7, 2008
We follow Jesus because he became a follower himself, who draws us into unconditional following - leaving all behind.
(I was a little off today because of a stomach virus. I hope it isn't too distracting for you.)

A PowerPoint graphic presentation of the relationships among the apostles with presentation notes.
August 27, 2008
This presentation (given in a Bible study) shows how Jesus constructed the apostles into 3 working groups interrelated by family, occupation, interest and other relationships.
(You may have to play with the background color on this presentation. I tried it on two different monitors and found the readability changed.)

The Goal of Fruit (Luke 13:6-9)
August 24, 2008 (morning)
God expects fruit and has a goal for it: feeding other people (those not inside the church and growing new trees (new believers).

God's most unwanted: Satan
August 24, 2008 (evening)
Satan is a roaring lion seeking to devour believers. How do we face such an opponent?

The PowerPoint presentation that goes with this can be downloaded here

Shrewder than Swindlers (Luke 16:1-13)
August 17, 2008
Jesus tells us that Christians need to be more shrewd in how we follow God and uses a crooked accountant to illustrate this.

Begrudging God His Grace (Luke 15)
August 10, 2008
God calls us to join the party to celebrate salvation of those around us.
(The congregation I am presently serving has divisions that have grown quite deep. There have been some very harsh things said that I address very directly in this message. This sermon is a very strong statement of the need for all of us to live in unity with each other, even those who we might consider less faithful or less desirable.)

Untouchable (Luke 10:25-42)
August 3, 2008
Whom do we find untouchable and why?.

Please forgive the quiet audio. The church is working the kinks out of the recording process

For those of you who have visited before, I have recently re-arranged the order of the messages so that you can find the newest messages first.

Jacob was Alone (Genesis 32:22-32)
July 19, 2008
Being alone (with God) means coming to cling to the God who will not let us go.

The PowerPoint presentation that goes with this can be downloaded here

Keeping the Joy through Peace (Philippians 4:4-9)
July 12, 2008
Grounding Us in Joy through the Peace of God.

Living the Resurrection (Philippians 4:4-9)
July 5, 2008
How the Resurrection changes how live and serve.

Running Wild (Philippians 3:10-21)
June 29, 2008
Moving beyond what we leave behind

Take Out the Trash (Philippians 3:1-9)
June 22, 2008
Leaving behind our pride and achievements to live in Jesus

I am sorry, technical difficulties prevented recording June 15.
June 7 I was out of state and May 25 my associate pastor preached.

The Future Perfect Life (Philippians 1:3-10)
May 18, 2008
Living with present joy based on future hope