My quest

It breaks my heart to see churches struggling, half-full, closing. The church in North American needs a Reformation. We can afford neither to carelessly cast aside historic traditions nor to perpetuate forms merely for our personal comfort. The Kingdom of God deserves better and I want to be one of Christ's agents to make this happen. This leads me in two directions.

On the one hand SIM ministry demands that I lead churches to listen God's calling for their own life. As a SIM I do not impose my ideas on a congregation. My Philosophy of SIM Ministry forbids that I impose solutions. Rather I assist churches to hear God's call for their particular church.

On the other hand, I have learned from seeing the Bible applied to church life that there is a particular Philosophy of Church Ministry which leads us faithfully to Christ's mission.

Both of these approaches to ministry (SIM and otherwise) will apply to any church, whatever its style of worship, organization or ministry.

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