A Natural Church Development centered Interim Ministry

Developing health as a pathway to the Future

A church can choose to implement Natural Church Development (NCD) at any time of their ministry. When NCD is chosen as the pathway for the Interim Ministry time it can have particularly powerful advantages, providing:

  • A Common Understanding Through NCD the church can come to agree on the strengths and challenges facing the congregation. This common understanding gives a unified perspective on the priorities of the congregation and the Interim Ministry time in general
  • A Common Goal As the Church Health Team leads the congregation to consider how best to improve the congregation's health, they will develop goals out of the prayerful wisdom and discussions of the congregation. These will be goals by the congregation and of the congregation. Therefore, the congregation itself “owns” these goals.
  • A Reproducible Process NCD is a long-term process which a congregation can use to continually improve its health. Whomever they call or is chosen to become their pastor, the congregation has already learned a process which members can reproduce over and over again, continually strengthening God's church in His service.

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