“Secret Visitor”
Seeing your church from the outside in

Once, as a new person in town, I was given these directions:

Turn where the school used to be.

Of course, this was utterly useless to me. But as a long-term resident, my helpful guide was completely unaware of my need. “Everybody knew” where the school used to be.

In the church we can grow to have the same “blindness” to the needs of newcomers. “Everybody knows…”

  • …where the bathrooms are
  • …what Sunday School is
  • …how to sing out of a hymnals
  • …what we mean when we say “fill in the blank

Do you really know how strangers see your church when they first attend? How friendly is your church? If someone looks like you are they treated differently than if they are “different”? A “Secret Visitor” (like a secret shopper) can come to your church unannounced and give you a report of how an unchurched person might experience your ministry. After the visit we will provide you with a written of the visit, a list of strengths and challenges, and, at your request, an hour of discussion of the experience with a group of key leaders.


  • $250 for the visit and report (plus any necessary travel costs)
  • $100 for the 1 hour discussion